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MDM West 2011 Wrapup


Now that I am back from the west coast and have had a chance to dig out from the mountain of work waiting for me when I got back, I can reflect on how the show went. In a word: outstanding. The traffic at our booth was quite good. We actually saw a 50% jump in leads from last year, which is amazing since this has always been the

biggest lead generating show for us out of all of them to begin with. With some trepidation, I can venture to guess that the economy is on the road to recovery, although the medical sector never did that badly even in the worst years, 2008 and 2009. If you are low on cash, you may forego that dinner and that movie, but if you have chest pains, you don't forego that visit to the doctor. Right?

Another reason why I like this show is it gives me a chance to visit with my hydrophilic coatings "family", that somewhat incestuous tightly-knit group of competitors which all sell hydrophilic coatings among other things. It was good to see everyone again and to meet some people with whom I have not yet had the pleasure. My impression is that this business suffers a little bit from ADD in that few companies make their living only from hydrophilic coatings. (Perhaps because that is tough to do when the revenue from them can be small at times. Even my own company dabbles in the fertility industry.) All of these companies do hydrophilic coatings.... and something else. It is fascinating to see what their other ventures are: plasma treatment, biomaterials development, chemicals, contract manufacturing, contract manufacturing equipment, and others.

Beyond that, I like to see what the medical device companies are doing, and to find out more about why they are using lubricious coatings for their surfaces. I learned a lot of new information about catheters, guidewires, and some less common devices on this trip. Looking forward to servicing the new leads and seeing where they.... lead.

BIOMEDevice Boston 2010 Wrapup

BiomedDevice Boston 2010

Having just gotten back recently from the BIOMEDevice show in Boston, I wanted to share some of my impressions. As far as coatings companies go, there were a few of them there. A couple of them were industrial coaters that seemed eager to try their hand in medical devices, and then there were Biocoat and Advansource who have lots of experience already in the field. Compared to the bigger shows like MDM West, this was sort of dinky, about 5,000 attendees and exhibitor personnel. On the other hand, MDM West is actually a conglomerate of maybe 10 shows, most of which have little to do with healthcare. This show in Boston was all healthcare.

We did alright for leads too. The MDM show in Minneapolis yields about the same as this one. The take-away message from this is that companies are still seeking coatings. There are a lot of startups and big companies alike that have still not completely caught onto the utility of hydrophilic coatings. Granted, many more advanced companies are looking for more advanced coatings, but you would be surprised just how many companies out there could really use a basic hydrophilic and do not have one. It is almost like they never heard such a thing existed, sometimes, even though this technology's roots stretch all the way back to the 1950's and 60's.

Biocoat & Formacoat to Exhibit at BIOMEDevice Boston, Apr. 21 - 22

If you happen to live up in the Boston area, or happen to be running in the Boston Marathon a day or two before it, we will have a booth at this show and would love to see you.  We are Booth #813.

Admission to the exhibit hall is free if you register by going to biocoat.com and clicking on the show coupon towards the bottom.

At the show we will have a demonstration of the coatings, and we will also be raffling off an iPod Touch 32GB to one lucky winner.

Biocoat - Formacoat Tradeshow Booth

New Contributor to Hydrophilic Coatings Blog

I would like to introduce Mark Gross as our second contributor to the Hydrophilic Coatings Blog.  He comes here with over a decade of manufacturing experience in the coatings industry, and also in the field of hyaluronic acid production.  Currently, he is President/CEO of coating manufacturer <a href="http://www.formacoat.com">Formacoat, LLC</a>, specializing in coating medical devices.

Other than that, this man needs no introduction, but I will let him offer what he may in that regard.  I look forward to him contributing his insight into the field.

By the way, if there are other individuals out there interested in contributing to the Hydrophilic Coatings Blog, email me at jsimon at biocoat dot com.

MDM Minneapolis 2009 Wrap-up - Medical Device Coatings

Biocoat and Formacoat had a great show at MDM Minni.  It has taken me this long to actually get caught up on the leads and the work I have missed in the process, but everything is moving again now.  This year, we received about 70% more leads than last year, which is a good sign.

The show looked pretty good.  I did not notice any markedly lower attendance.  It seemed to have around 10,000 people, as usual, and we had plenty of crowds at our booth throughout a good portion of the time.

That's all for now!

Biocoat and Formacoat to exhibit at MDM Minneapolis, Oct 21-22, 2009

This year, Biocoat and Formacoat will be co-exhibiting at the Medical Device Manufacturer's (MDM) conference in Minneapolis, MN on Oct 21 and 22nd. Biocoat provides coating technologies for medical devices, including hydrophilic and antimicrobial coatings.   Formacoat is a contract manufacturer that specializes in Biocoat's Hydak® technology platform.

Stop by booths 950 and 951 to see us if you get the chance.  We will be giving away a free iPod Touch in a drawing!
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