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Hydrophilic coating no longer available?

A client of a client tells us that they were using a hyaluronan coating from Gish Biomedical, the GBS Coating® for their device, and as they were about to go into clinical trials, Gish pulled the coating telling them that their parent company, the Sorin Group, is no longer doing hydrophilic coatings for other clients. Gish was once owned by CardioTech, which is now Advansource Biomaterials. Sorin Group acquired Gish back in June of 2010, this year.

Gish has always been famous in my mind for wrongly claiming to be the only hyaluronan coating on the market, which is of course untrue, else I wouldn't be working this job.

In any case, if you are working with Gish and using their coating and have just been told it is no longer available, do send me an email and confirm the rumor, and also let me see what I can do for you.

Once again, this really does have the status of a rumor. I have second hand evidence from a frantic client of a client that is scrambling right now, but have not seen nor heard of any other sign that this is true. I am apologizing in advance for extending any information that may be inaccurate, but do invite correction, and I want to help anyone affected by this possible pullout by Gish from the hydrophilic coatings business.

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