Coatings odds and ends - From pinch tests to trade shows

Posted by Josh Simon on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 @ 01:46

There has been a flurry of activity this year that I am working to keep up with. 

Quite soon, I will be releasing an entire white paper based on my earlier blog article here, 5 Critical Questions to Ask About Pinch Testing. Do not worry about missing the release because you will see an announcement here, plus a press release, most likely.  From either of those sources you will be able to download the article.

We also just got back this week from the MDM West show in Anaheim, CA. With regard to hydrophilic coatings and related subjects, there was a lot of activity there.  Although I must note that Bayer's hydrophilic coating was conspicuously absent from their booth.  Maybe they finally read my blog articles on Hydrophilic Coating Market Size? There were also a few nice talks on plasma treatment of surfaces before coating, and another talk on cardiovascular-based applications by Dr. Ron Sahatjian of Medi-Solve.  To be honest, I could not attend either talk due to the traffic at my booth, and the schedule of meetings I kept that week.  If anyone wants to remark on them, feel free.

This is a little shot of the "Biocoat crew" from the show.

Biocoat Hydrophilic Coatings

Left to Right:  Dhruv Patel, Peg Beavers, Keith Edwards, Josh Simon

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Hydrophilic Coatings on PTFE

Posted by Josh Simon on Mon, Aug 08, 2011 @ 10:39

I have posted an entry as a Guest Blogger on Medical Design Magazine's Perspectives blog.  To understand more about why you would not want to coat a hydrophilic coating with TeflonĀ®, see my article on coating PTFE.


Teflon structure

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Hydrophilic Coatings Blog - Redesign

Posted by Josh Simon on Mon, May 23, 2011 @ 10:34

With a few minor glitches along the way, I have given the hydrophilic coatings blog a redesign and a new webhost.  Welcome to the new Hydrophilic Coatings Blog!


Old Blog Site New Blog Site
Old Hydrophilic Coatings Blog New Hydrophilic Coatings Blog

I thought I would take this time to reiterate what this site is about.  This site is aimed at customers seeking information on hydrophilic coatings, primarily for medical devices.  It is aimed at engineers and scientists in the medical field who are designing devices that might need such coatings.

The overall theme of this blog is that hydrophilic coatings are not an afterthought.  They are a sophisticated and highly technical component, and they require a lot of thought.  They are not a commodity.

On this site, I am not out to promote my own hydrophilic coating company.  I am interested in keeping an unbiased general view, so this blog can serve as a repository of information for all people in the field.  I even welcome competitors who are interested in contributing information.  Contact me if interested.

Also, please let me know if there are any obvious bugs that you can find on this site.  I am not infallible!  More seriously, I do appreciate any feedback and posts in the comments too.

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